The Different Gift

The Different Gift

Beautiful Tyrol here I am! I won’t leave you until I have reached the end of August. So let’s breathe out and enjoy the last weeks. 

By the way hello! I am now in the beautiful Tyrol (Austria) for 8 weeks where I’ll work for my internship. I was there a few times before and I really enjoyed these weeks! Even though I am working on 1.247 meter and in this village is almost nothing to do or to visit. Although the view of the mountains is unbelievably wonderful! Sadly it rains more often than it’s sunny but chin up and stay positive! 😉

For everyone who never heard of Tyrol, it’s one of nine states in Austria. Tyrol is known for its mountains, its ski runs and its awesome hiking paths. But I really think the sweet little villages are worth seeing too!

So I went in one of these little streets with my boyfriend and I had to buy a birthday present for my nanny. After I searched for a appropriate present for quite some time I finally found a little soap shop in one of the streets in Mayerhofen.

They have a big selection of different kinds of soaps and fragrances. And I really fell in love with this shop and their big selection of different soaps!

Benediktiner – Soap manufactory

This company’s head office is in Saint Wolfgang which is in the Salzkammergut (Upper Austria). As the package says they produce soaps since 1416, that was exactly 600 years ago. AWESOME!

I bought 3 different soaps which I’ll present to you now!

My first one is a blackberry heart soap, which smells very good and I bought it for the lovely mum of my boyfriend.

It includes vegetable oil, coconut oil, palm oil, blackberry perfume, kiwi pip for a little peeling.

It costs about 2,20€ plus this small violette sack 0,60€


My second soap is my favourite one, it’s a very simple one but smells like lavender (favourite fragrance this year for me!)

The shop assistant explained to me that I don’t have to use any body lotion after I used the soap in the shower, which means it includes enough oil and dampness for my body.

The soap includes vegetable oil, coconut fat, palm oil, lavender oil and lavender bloom

It costs about 4,50€


And last but not least the birthday present for my nanny is this cute soap gift box with 3 different kinds of soaps!

These sorts are blackberry, violet and I think rose.

This little package is packed with a small slice of a tree-trunk on the bottom. I think it’s a really cute gift for relatives and everyone who likes soaps 😉

It coasts 8,90€ and if somebody thinks it’s expensive for three little soaps but they have to consider that they are handmade and not only a cheap soap from the drugstore.


To the Austrian follower here on my blog: please take a look on their website or visit their shops in Saint Wolfgang, Innsbruck or Hallstatt. (here – Benediktiner Seifenmanufaktur)

lots of love Nadine xoxo 

Nadine Linner
Nadine Linner

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