Summerproducts by Thefriestomyburger

Summerproducts by Thefriestomyburger

If you follow me on Instagram you might have read about me staying in the beautiful Tyrol (Austria) for my internship. I have already been here for four weeks, which means I have already successfully survived the first half of it. The weather is changing quite often, but I am very glad that it’s not that hot!
Before my departure Julia and Lisa of ‚Thefriestomyburger‘ sent me this awesome package which contains great stuff I can definitely use in summer from the Austrian drugsstore ‚dm‘.

Last month I contacted the duo-blogger Julia and Lisa and asked them if they were interested in a little deal. I suggested sending each other a little packet with items to the topic ‚important Summer essentials‘ of the drugstore ‚dm‘.
Everybody had to choose what is important for themselves in the summer season.

At this point I want to thank Julia & Lisa for these awesome items! 🙂

I really had a big smile on my face when I saw this suncream, because it’s obvious to associate summer with suncream. So this suncream ‚Sundance‘ with tropical fragrance is for the face, neck and cleavage.
To me suncream is important too, especially in my holidays later in September. I never had this suncream from dm before but I really like the private label from dm. Of course I’ll try it soon when the weather is a bit better here 😀


The second item they sent me is this really good fragrant shower gel ‚Jasmin & Bergamotte‘ from ‚L’OCCITANE – en provence‘. To be honest I think I never saw this bottle in any drugstore before but it smells so good! And the bottle has the perfect size for hand baggages, it has only 75ml (which means I have to buy one soon again!)


In the box next to the shower gel was a hand cream (type – ‚arlésienne‘ which probably refers to how people from the french town ‚Arles‘ are called, but if there is any Frenchwoman or man please tell me if there’s any other meaning!) from ‚L’OCCITANE‘ again. It has also got the small size of 10ml so it’s easy to take with you in your handbag or suitcase as I wrote already! Often I am too lazy to take good care of my hands well-being but from now on I’ll put this hand cream on several times a day! And of course it smells as good as the shower gel! Big applause to this company! 😉


In my package I found a box of Detox tea with lemon grass, stinging nettle and green tea. To be honest I asked myself what I need tea in summer but after I looked up the meaning of the word ‚Detox‘ it became quite clear to me! 😀

who doesn’t know what Detox is and how you use it or why:
Detox means detoxification (logical lol) and a few years ago Greenpeace started a campaign which was directed at the usage of dangerous chemicals in the textile industry.
Nowadays people often talk about Detox-diets which should clear your body, speed up the fat burning and reduce the sensation of hunger.

I never have done a Detox diet but I am now very curious whether it actually works and helps me feel better. So maybe I’ll try it soon and will write about my personal experience (if you would like to).

Detox-tea from the private label of dm called ‚Das gesunde PLUS‘ (the healthy plus) contains 25 tea bags.


Whey bar with blueberry taste and chocolate is the next one on the list. I have no idea how they knew that I really like blueberries but great choice thefriestomyburger – team! It’s also from the private label of dm ‚Das gesunde Plus‘ on the package it says it includes many roughage.

per 35g: (for an average adult with 8400kJ/2000kcal)

  • Energy 592kJ/141kcal -> 7.1%
  • Fat 4.9g -> 7%
  • Saturates 2.6g -> 13%
  • Sugar 13g -> 14.4%
  • Salt 0.18g -> 3%


The next item is a little package of two nail polishes from ‚catrice‘ (one of my favourite cheap make-up brands).

The first one is absolute pink and is called ‚A Wink Of Pink‘ (number 96).
Even though I rarely wear pink nail polisher, I think this is a great colour and I’ll try it on soon!

The second colour is a really great one! It’s an intensive red and is called ‚It’s All About That Red‘ (number 91). Sadly I really can’t wear nail polisher often but when my holiday start’ll put it on for sure!


I got a second tea, this one is a delicious ice tea or ’normal‘ tea. Okay, I am bit confused from the package. I think they recommend it as ice tea but you can drink it as a normal one too? Not sure but it smells perfect. It’s a ‚Kusmi Tea‘ called AquaRose or AquaFizz with Hibiscus, berries and red fruits. This little tea bag is for 1 liter tea/ice tea. Opinion: tastes awesome!

They also sent me a dampness face mask from ‚alverde‘ (natural cosmetics) with the sort (bio) wildrose and (bio) sheabutter. I looove face masks and I really enjoy putting them on my face and after every mask I feel so fresh. 😀
And it’s very helpful because I always have dry skin.


And here we have a third L’OCCITANE product – it’s a … shampoo which includes 5 essential oils according to the bottle. I smelled several times at it and it remembered me a bit of lavender (love this smell!). And as you can read there are 5 different oils in it which are angelica, lavender, geranium, ylang ylang and sweet orange!
The company promises it should repair and smoothen capillary fiber. After the shower your hair should be left looking and feeling shiny and silky.


At last I got a cream from L’OCCITANE and yes it smells like all other products I’ve got, very good! It’s as all others a tiny one and I think it will be in my travel essentials on my blog soon! The cream is called ‚Pivoine Sublime‘.


A second THANK YOU to the blogger-duo Lisa and Julia from Check out their blog and blogpost where they present my products I sent them!
They make a really good job! And HELLO to the ones who came from their blog, I hope you like mine too 😉

muchos besos, Nadine xoxo

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