Summer Favourites

Summer Favourites

Hey lovely people☀

after these recent rainy days, hopefully, the summer is finally coming so we can take out our sunglasses and suncream. After the long ‚winter‘ here in Austria, almost everybody is really excited to see the sun and to finally take off the warm winter jackets.

Summer is, after spring, my favourite season of the year. Everything is awake and you can take on your shorts and lie in the sun for hours. Summer is also the time when you can relax and forget about all the school/work stress.

Let’s start with my all-time favourite: my camera (Canon EOS 700d – here), as you know, taking photos is my passion and I could do it all day long.


My second summer must-have is a (really) good book. I literally read everything but I love especially romantic and thriller books, they are virtually my favourite ones.

When I think about books or reading, I always see myself lying at the beach, with my headphones in and reading a good book. It’s so relaxing and stress-free. Sometimes I read all day long and forget about everything else.

I guess my favourite summer book currently is ‚Me Before You‘ from the awesome Jojo Moyes (you can find the book – here). I am really looking forward to watch the film at the cinema soon!


As I mentioned in the last paragraph to ‚put the headphones in‘ – of course I meant to listen to music. So, I really connect summer with a few good artists or bands, which I mostly listen to in the summer.

Nickelback – No Fixed Address (give it a listen – here)

Genre: alternative rock, pop rock
: ‚Let’s lock the door behind us, they won’t find us, make the whole world wait‘ -Satellite

personal fave-songs (from No Fixed Address): She Keeps Me Up, Sister Sin

James Bay – I like almost every song by him (my playlist – here)

Genre: indie-rock, folk rock, pop rock
Albums: Chaos And The Calm (released on 23rd of March 2015)
fave-line: ‚And I will always be listening for your laughter and your tears, and as soon as I can hold you once again‘ – Scars
personal fave-songs: Best Fake Smile, If You Ever Want To Be In Love, Collide, Scars


other Songs which I associate with summer:

*Wake Me Up – Avicii
*Summer Paradise – Simple Plan, Sean Paul
*Cheap Thrills – Sia, Sean Paul
*Cool For The Summer – Demi Lovato
*She’s Kinda Hot – 5 Seconds Of Summer

But besides all these aspects that make the summer-feeling a bit sweeter, isn’t traveling one of the big pros?

In my summer holidays my mum and I always fly to a different foreign country, where we try to gain new experiences or we try to relax at the beach for a week or longer.
To me travelling is the most important thing in summer. Unfortunately, I’ve never been to other continents than Europe.

My most favourite city, which I have already been to twice is London.

I’m a great fan of the British island, I am really looking forward to visiting more of it soon!
Even though the food isn’t the best, I like the city and the very kind and tolerant people. And of course the shopping selection is bigger than the one in Austria.



In addition to London I am clearly in love with Hamburg (- Germany)! I was there twice in September and visited the shopping road ‚Mönckebergstraße‘ and the famous port where every year the well-known cruise ship ‚Queen Mary‘ leaves and arrives.

The funny expression ‚Moin‘ (means Good Morning just in their dialect) is used by nearly everyone, no matter what time it is! 😀


What’s your moment/thing that reminds you of summer?

Nadine xoxo

Nadine Linner
Nadine Linner

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