6 Of My Favourite Photographs

6 Of My Favourite Photographs

How are you doing everyone?
I am quite stressed right now, thats the reason why I can’t write so much. Nevertheless, I really love photographing and so I’d like to show you my favourite ones.

Enjoy! 😉

1.) pollinating
First, I start with one from my garden. I took this photo 2 years ago. I went through my garden and looked for beautiful flowers and what’s more beautiful than a bee which pollinates flowers?

I love to do a close-up of little living organisms. It’s very interesting when you examine them with a fine-tooth comb 🙂



2.) Vienna balloon beings
Also 2 years ago, I was shopping in Vienna and luckily I took my camera with me and shot this one.
It’s amazing how every person is busy and doesn’t even pay the ballon seller any attention.

For the interested ones, this is on the ‚Kärtnerstraße‘ nearby the St. Stephen’s Cathedral.


3.) Tree’s inner values
I took this photograph not long ago. I got so inspired and was interested in how it would look as a photo and I am pretty proud of the results!
As you can see it’s also a close-up.


4.) help from light
I really like this light-dark contrast and which effect it has on me.


5.) fence
On this day I was very thoughtful and looked for good perspectives I could take photos from. Photography is like a painted artwork, you’ll never be able to paint exactly the same one again. Likewise, you can copy a photograph but it will never look the same.


6.) flying
I guess it’s quite obvious why I called this one ‚flying‘. I always wanted to fly over valleys and nearby mountains. It’s one of the dreams I have listed on my bucket list.


I hope you liked this little insight into my pictures. I will definitely do this more often. 🙂

lots of love Nadine xoxo

Nadine Linner
Nadine Linner

Österreicherin die die weite Welt sucht, um ihre Leidenschaften Reisen und Fotografie ausleben zu können. Dennoch muss sie ihren Verpflichtungen, wie ihre Ausbildung, nachgehen und verweilt daher in ihrer Heimat.
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6 Kommentare

  1. 2016-07-17 / 16:40

    you are indeed a very talented photographer, I wish I coud be to haha 🙂 I love the pictures ❤

  2. Lena
    2016-07-17 / 17:58

    your blog is so amazing darling😍❤️

  3. 2016-07-29 / 6:56

    hallihallo liebe Nadine 🙂
    wirklich toller toller Blog, schöne Bilder und ich mag das Design total !
    Weiter so 😉

    xoxo Susanna

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