Short Trip to London

Short Trip to London

Finally I got back in my absolute favourite city London. Three days where I can breathe the british oxygen and enjoy the english city life.
To be honest I have been in London two times before but I fell in love at the first stay. In the last few days I took a lot of photos, saw new districts and enjoyed the whole stay – so I think I have to share my photos, my memories and my impressions.

first day.

On the 13th of September my dad and I went by train to the Vienna airport and dawdled our time away until it was time to enter the airplane.

We landed in the afternoon on the Heathrow Airport and after the check-in in our hotel in the Dalston district, we took the next double-decker bus and first visited the London Bridge, took some photos and walked nearly 10 kilometer in the city.

I was very pleased to be back again in this city and started enjoying it immediately. 🙂


second day.
After our english breakfast in our hotel, we headed to the shopping street Oxford Street and as you can imagine I took my dad from shop to shop until he craved for a bitter in one of the nearest pubs. So google took us to the nearest pub which is 185 years young – quite old 😉 – The Windmill

Later we went to visit the Queen, not quite the Queen as person but her lovely Buckingham Palace where she lives.
The weirdest was my dad and I rarely took the underground, overground and buses, so we first went to the Hyde Park relaxed quite long and then we walked to the Buckingham Palace, which was quite a distance! 😀

To me was the Piccadilly Circus the important one, so we made a short detour and saw the lovely lights, the crazy and quite cool street performer and also got to see the little ‚China Town‘.

At night I really wanted to eat a great burger, so we searched after good burger restaurants and pubs. Happily we found a good one in ‚our‘ district – The Diner


third day.
The last day was earlier here then we hoped obviously, but we started this sad day as productive as the others and first went to brewery in Hackney (of course it wasn’t my wish but when you would know that it was hidden in a little garage under the overground, then you know why it was fascinating for me either).

After this adventure we took the next bus and went to the London Bridge again, where we decided to take the little path to the Tower Bridge.

Since the first day, I was back in this city, I am always surprised that all buildings which you know from postcards and photos, seem bigger than you can imagine (logically).

At night we felt not very well, that’s why we went to a good Pizzeria not quite far from our hotel. Even though the pizza wasn’t that good as I wished for but the decoration was great! 😀


fourth day.
First we started with a good english breakfast and a big mug of coffee, then we had to pack for our home flight. Sadly this three days were too fast over. 🙁

We went by underground and airport train to the Gatwick and last but not least we craved after some good food there and happily we found my dad and my favourite restaurant! The Jamie’s Italian there is like heaven, the waitresses are so friendly and obliging and the food is obviously the best one I’ve ever eaten! After this really delicious lunch we flew back.

I really enjoyed this short days in my favourite town and I am really looking forward to come back soon!


Have you been in London or England before? What’s your favourite town there?

Loads of love,

Nadine 🙂

Nadine Linner
Nadine Linner

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  1. Konrad Linner
    2016-09-23 / 20:23

    The pubs name on day 2 was The Windmill in Mayfair

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