Food Idea on Hot Summer Days

Food Idea on Hot Summer Days

I always have the same problem on hot days: What should I eat today?
In most case I don’t want to cook my meal so long and it should be easy. Next to this it should be not so ‚heavy‘ but still filling. Not always so easy or isn’t it?

But still my all time favourite of light and good filling food is my delicious Fusilli Pesto Basilico. It’s easy to prepare and tastes awesome!

Ingredients: (1 portion)
100g Fusilli (or Penne)
3 1/2 spoonful Pesto Basilico
1 spoonful pine kernel
olive oil

if you want you can add small slices of tomato and/or red paprika.


At first boil water for the Fusilli then add a bit salt and afterwards put the noodles in the pot.
Cook them as long as they are al-dente. On the side take a small bowl and put in the Pesto, pine kernel and a good shot of olive oil (and tomato or pepper). Mix them with a spoon, when the Fusilli are al-dente take 3 spoonful of the boil water (=salt water) and it to the small bowl.
Afterwards sieve the noodles (don’t cool them!) and put them back in the pot. Add a little shot of olive oil and put it back on the hot plate. IMPORTANT use a low level!
Mix the Fusilli good with the olive oil, wait 2-3 minutes then add the whole pesto mixture and mix again until they are good warm.
Now taste it and probably add a bit of salt and pepper (you can add some chili powder too)

Bon Appétit! 🙂



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