Calendar Weeks 27th – 34th

Calendar Weeks 27th – 34th

All things must come to an end. Yes, my internship is finally over! I am saying goodbye with mixed feelings, a sad one because I made some friends here and sadly they are lots of kilometers apart from my hometown. BUT also happy to survived this bit problematic internship and staying. Of course I am happy to be finally at home after awhile!

After 56 days in a little dump in Tyrol I am finally allowed to get back home to my family, friends, cats and of course my boyfriend.
To be honest I’ve never thought I would miss my hometown as terrible as I do now.


On the 3rd of July I arrived in the little village (in my point of view definitely a dump) and got to know the head of the hotel. After this meeting I unpacked my suitcase and went to a really good restaurant called ‚Milchbar‘ ( = milkbar). First step was done.

Weeks after weeks I knew it wasn’t the right hotel for me. Happily I found my tower of strength Michaela, she helped me (next to my family, friends and boyfriend) through this month and built me up. I got to know even more of this great people there and forgot about the problems in the hotel.

My family and my boyfriend visited me several times and we saw beautiful new villages, go by car to different places and we got to see Mayerhofen, Zell am Ziller, Kufstein and the capital of Tyrol: Innsbruck. Absolute worth-seeing when you are in Austria or Tyrol someday you have to visit one of these towns! 😉

AND! I really got great shots of the nature around the village.




Happily it got better and better. As you maybe read my other blogpost Wellness Center – Behind the Scenes, I got closer in the ‚middle‘ of the hotel and saw really the really cool SPA area. My friendships got a bit closer and everyday I was happy to meet them at lunch. 😉

I finally started to do some workouts and left my lazy bastard behind me. So I got more sporty and appreciated even more my lovely hometown Linz.

more shots from my Tyrol staying:


So on the 26th of August is the ending of my internship and I am pretty excited to be back at home. This were crazy and emotional long 2 months and I am sure I got stronger in few things.


All in all I can’t lie, I will them miss quite much! 🙁

Hopefully I see them in few months again.

Lots of love my dearest reader here <3

Nadine 🙂

Nadine Linner
Nadine Linner

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